Please make your self aware of my t&c's. 

You will be expected to pay for travel expenses- postcode depending, you will be notified the cost and it will be added on to your total for both trials and wedding days. All city centre / payment car parks must be paid by the client on top of the travel cost. 

A non refundable deposit of 20% of your main total will be required to secure your date, you will be asked after we have had a successful trial and you wish to secure your wedding date, a date is not secured until you pay a deposit. how ever if i cancel once a deposit has been paid i will refund your deposit. You can secure your date with a deposit before a trial if you wish to. No date is secure until a deposit is paid. 

on your behalf -  if you wish to cancel me for the booking i will only 100% refund the deposit if you have given me 16 wks notice. if you wish to amend your booking you can do so up-to 8 wks before the wedding day after 8 wks i will still however require the amount we have agreed on prior to the deposit.

on my behalf- if i how ever feel i no longer wish to carry out the booking due to violence or bad behaviour towards me i can cancel the booking without any refund. in the unlikely event that i can not attend your wedding date and i have to cancel the booking due to unforeseen and unfortunate event or circumstances and a deposit has been paid i will fully refund all monies from the trial and deposit. If the met office issue a red warning i can cancel the booking, but i will refund all monies except trial and deposit cost out of good will.

All payments are required either by bank transfer at least 1 wk before the wedding day/trial or cash on the day , I do not except cheques. 

I recommend a trial for the bride , maid and mob before the big day so we can discuss the look you wish to achieve. if you do not have a trial and for some reason the clients are not happy on the wedding day i can not take full responsibility, i will do my best to make the client happy but no compensation will be made towards the client.  If you have any ideas or preferences on the trial i can help you achieve that look. please can supply me with image references to refer to on the trial day, I take notes and make a photographic record in preparation for your wedding day. 

I offer my location for a trial but also willing to travel to you location depending. 

I ask for your hair to be washed the day before to help style it. All skin should be clean and make up free. Its up to the client to advice me on any alleges they may have with any products. The cost of the trial will supply you with my skill, time and products. how ever if you pay for a trial without securing your wedding date with a deposit i can cancel your wedding date with no compensation towards the client.


If staying in a hotel I ask for you to inform me on the room number the night before , all hair should be washed and dried the day before the wedding , Skin should be clean and make up free for when i arrive. i may ask for a bar stool to be supplied by the hotel to help with make up application. i will need a set up area near the window for natural light and a plug socket close, a big enough area to set up in. 


i may take pictures of my work and use them on social media and on my website if you are not comfortable with this please inform me asap.

i will not pass your details on to any unknown 3rd party

Thank you for your understanding and cooperation.

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