my Top 5 wedding Instagram Profiles

Hello I am sorry it’s been a couple of wks I do like to try and blog wkly but sometimes life just goes by and before you know it it’s been a few wks. Also I like to be passionate about what I blog about so I have to wait for the inspiration to hit me and then it just flows. This blogging game is serious business.

This blog is all about……..

My top 5 wedding Instagram profiles

We are all looking for inspiration, recommendations and the best advice so I thought I would rustle up my top 5 Instagram sites that could help a bride out in the run up to her big day. Let’s start with the one thing we all dream about the dress !!!!!!!

@bertabridal @berta

This has to be my dream account for all things DRESSES they are so beautiful, elegant & a little bit sexy In so many ways, we can make the other half desire us some more hey 😉 I think they cover a lot of styles to suit all. And even if you can’t afford the price tag you can definitely get some serious inspo from them.

It was created by a Israel designer and is now located in nyc as well as Israel , you can find supplies in the uk easy enough.


This is where I dream about being a florist and working with such beautiful nature everyday ,then I come off Instagram and realise I am not a florist creating flower art to lovely people in the sunshine of Byron bay. This is ultimate flower display inspo at its best. This company is located in Australia so don’t get ya uk hopes up that they will dress your wedding , sorry !!! But you can defo get ya inspiration from them. I don’t know if you guys have noticed but pampas grass is massive right now I love it so much I might even try and grow it in my garden.


Lauren is a bride to be who lives in London and is letting you follow her wedding journey I love her variety of posts and inspiration , she would definitely help me if I was on the wedding path.


‘How to I do ‘are a great Source for the new bride to be , they have your back in all departments so I guess you would say they are a free wedding planner , that sounds pretty good to me.

It’s ran by 2 women, Clare and Rachael and they are doing a pretty awesome job having only stared the business up recently.

They are focusing on the north west of England so if your a northern lass be sure to let them guide you.


This one is a house focus but you all need a new project when the wedding is over and the one thing that keeps us busy is keeping on top of that dream home. I think her name should be ‘bob the builder ‘ as she does pretty much it all her self. Very impressive and inspirational , I have been known to re paint a room while my baby has his afternoon nap but I am no Chelsea. Also check out her pre wedding shoot it’s all to die for , that dress and mountain top has inspired me to do a shoot in the wild.

I hope I have pointed you in some kind of right direction towards the day of dreams and if not then just enjoy the lovely images .

I have a couple of collaboration blogs coming soon so make sure you check them out

Love Rebecca 💋

Berta bridal
how to I do

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