The bridal mindset

I would love to introduce you to ‘The bridal mindset’ charlotte is one of my brides and she has set up a wonderful social account to help brides deal with the stress of all things weddings and to guide you through your journey smoothly. Please check her account out @thebridalmindset 

I dropped Charlotte an email to ask her a few questions, sp please get yourself a brew and enjoy the read.

How are you feeling today regarding your wedding plans? 

We’re feeling really excited! Less than 4 weeks to go and honestly, the wedding giddiness has finally kicked in! At the moment we are still unsure as to whether we will be allowed a small reception after our ceremony, but I think we’ve come to terms with the fact that we either will or won’t have one and have made peace with that. We’ve got our plan A (ceremony and micro-reception) and plan B (ceremony only) and we’re ready to action whichever one following the Welsh review. 

how did you feel six months ago regarding your wedding day? 

Back in September 2020, I think we were still feeling positive about being able to have the day that we’d planned; 70 day guests and 100 evening guests, however there were a lot of nerves underneath the optimism. We actually weren’t doing any planning at the time and I think this was due to the unknown and not wanting to allow ourselves to get 100% excited whilst things were still up in the air. It really feels like we’ve been on a wedding journey and have felt all the ups and downs along the way. If you’d have said to us 6 months ago that 4 weeks before our wedding we still wouldn’t know if we could have a reception, we would have panicked! It’s hard to imagine how you’ll handle things but when you’re in that situation, all your strengths and resilience come to the surface and somehow, you get through.

How do you think you’ll feel on your actual wedding day? 

Relieved!! Relieved that it will finally be our wedding day and that we made it! But I can imagine just feeling so happy. When I think of the morning of our wedding now, I feel so excited and I really can’t wait! I’m quite an emotional person (I’m the person who will cry at adverts!) so it could go either way on the day but I hope I don’t ruin my make-up!! I really want to make sure that I embrace every moment and take it all in because everyone says how fast it goes. 

What positives can you take from postponing your wedding? 

That we’ve had more time to plan our day and had the opportunity to focus on important details. Things like, tablescapes and decor details, which of course we’d considered generally, but I feel that this is one area that we’ve put extra design thought to.  I feel that with postponing our wedding, we’ve become more aware and confident in what we want for our day. I feel that if our wedding had gone ahead in August, yes it would have been absolutely amazing, but there may have been a few decisions that we made because that’s what we thought we needed to do. I don’t particularly think this would have been a bad thing but to be able to have the extra time to understand what reflects us as a couple and what’s important to us on our day, it feels even more special and meaningful.

We also feel that we’ve built really good relationships with our suppliers! I feel that we’ve all been on a journey together and I’ve really valued the extra time to get to know them even though it’s been under really difficult circumstances. I think that as we’ve become more confident in our ideas, we’ve been able to communicate this with our suppliers and it feels like we’re one big team, which I don’t think we would have been lucky enough to experience had we not had to postpone. 

How many times have you postponed your wedding? 

We postponed our wedding from Saturday 8th August 2020 to Saturday 3rd April 2021. We then made the decision in February 2021 to postpone our main reception to April 2022 (on what will be our first anniversary), but to still get married this year. This was absolutely the right thing for us as we feel SO ready to get married and feel really excited at the prospect of having TWO days to celebrate. 

when you were postponing your wedding what were the main factors that were on your priority list, was it the date, the day you wanted , which suppliers you want to take with you? 

For us, it was to be able to have the day that we originally wanted, with the amazing suppliers we had booked. We were also  restricted to certain days due to my partner, Tom, being a teacher so that did put a little less wiggle room on things. We decided to postpone our wedding from August to April as at the time, it meant that we weren’t having to wait too much longer and when our venue said that they had Easter Saturday available, we knew that it was meant to be. Both my Grandparents and Step Grandparents got married on Easter Saturday and so it felt really special to be able to marry on this day. We were extremely lucky that all our suppliers, apart from our wedding cars, were available on this date and so we made the decision to postpone. 

For the postponement of our reception, this felt a little more difficult as we were contending with uncertainty of restrictions but also the limited availability of suppliers. We started discussions with our venue and we decided to postpone by a year so that we could have a celebration on our first anniversary. For us, this was the important factor as, although nothing wrong with it, personally we didn’t want to have our reception on a random date in the year but for it to be meaningful to us. 

How has your husband to be dealt with postponing the wedding?

Tom is so laid back that he is practically lying down but he’s definitely found certain points of the postponement difficult. Originally (around April/May 2020), Tom was totally against postponing, however when it became apparent that we wouldn’t be able to go ahead, we were both in agreement that it was the best decision for us. It was around late December time when we started to feel that all so familiar rise in uncertainty again and I think this is when Tom found it most difficult as shared that he really didn’t want to postpone again. I think that was an eye opener for me of how much a wedding means to the groom as well. I think there’s so much focus on the bride and how they’re coping, but we don’t always consider that the groom is riding the same rollercoaster. Now that we’ve got our plan(s) in place, Tom’s really excited and I cannot wait to marry him! 

with more time on your hands did you change your mind on your dress or your whole wedding vibe? 

Yes! Well, with my dress, no. I haven’t seen my dress since January 2020 (!!) but I absolutely love it and have no doubt in my mind that it’s the one.  But in regards to our wedding vibe, yes. I feel like I’ve become a bit bolder with ideas and am pulling ideas together that reflect us as a couple rather than what people traditionally expect for a wedding. Don’t get me wrong, we’re not going completely out there with ideas but things like bridal styling, florals and tablescapes have definitely become a little more “modern” than traditional. I think planning a micro-wedding has also made us reconsider what we want from our day and the ‘feel’ we’re aiming for. If someone had said back in 2019 when we got engaged that we would be having a wedding of 20 guests, I would have laughed and said ‘no thanks’. But now, it feels like the best, most special thing in the world. We’ve really reevaluated what our wedding day means to us, and even though we’re still having a bigger reception next year, the thought of our intimate ceremony makes me feel full of love, excitement and happiness and I honestly cannot wait!!

I hope you enjoyed this blog, speak soon love Rebecca x x 

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