I want to let you know whats about to be on offer at my new and exciting location. It’s a place for my brides to visit for there trial , this space is dedicated to you and your tribe. You can come on your own or bring your bride tribe for the day and enjoy the experience in a beautiful setting. Your whole wedding party might not fit inside my hidden gem so maybe just you your mum and your maid of honer. I will offer a mini afternoon tea and fizz for a luxury trial which will be longer then the standard trial . I want the bride to enjoy her trial in a setting that’s not your kitchen or mine, Something that has a elegant touch to it so it can help you visualise your wedding day look.

•Standard trial 

Hair or make up £55 

Hair and make up £75 

•Talk over some images 

•Decide on a look and deliver the look 

•Amend where needed to meet your desire 

•Option to try on hair accessories 

•Complete trial 

•light refreshments offered

A standard trial on average takes 2 hrs for hair and make up and 1 hr for just hair or make up

•Luxury solo trial 

bride only, but welcome to bring someone along

Hair or make up £100 

Hair and makeup £150 ( the day is dedicated to you )

•Talk over images 

•Decide on a couple of looks to try 

•I will complete 2 different looks on you   hair / make up 

•Option to try on hair accessories / short vails 

•Fizz / refreshments

•Mini Afternoon tea 

A luxury trial can take anything between 3- 6hrs depending on what’s done. 

•The tribe trial 

This is a day out for you, your mum and your maid of honer or just you and your 2 besties !!! Make a day of it and go somewhere after to use the hair / make up. 

You will all receive a trial and you can all enjoy light refreshments and snacks while you wait, you will also have the option to try and buy hair accessories. 

If all 3 have hair and makeup £250 (all day )

Hair or make up for 3 people £180 (3-4 hrs )

Now I hope you like what you hear and decide to come visit me , I would love to meet you and get started on your wedding day vision. I am based in wrexham , just 1 hour from Manchester and 50 minutes from Liverpool it’s really not that far for the service you will receive. 😊 

Drop me a email if you have any questions , once up and running these prices are subject to change. 

Love Rebecca x x 

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