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This year i wanted more weddings close to home and what a home it is, the beauty of north wales i now call home. I keep visiting the most beautiful venues and i’ve been to quite a few in all the years i’ve worked in this industry. the latest one was tower hill barns just 15 minutes from me , hidden in its own beauty i was welcomed and shown to my room for the morning , its always a treat when i get my own room to do the bridal party in. it was like my own little salon for the morning , hidden next to the house and behind the beautiful barn conversion. i like to have time to set up my work area to make sure the morning runs smoothly a coffee or tea goes well in hand at this point. 

It was Stephanie’s big day today along with her 3 bridesmaids and 1 flower girl all adults had both hair and make up done by me. it was a very relaxed morning and ran very smoothly , just what she wanted being 20+ wks pregnant, which was a lovely surprise after meeting her back in December. 

loose waves and fresh flower crowns graced the heads of the lovely bridesmaids. Stephanie went with a updo with a relaxed elegant feel to it. I got to meet the lovely struth photography and managed to get a couple of sneak peak pics a few days later, it would be a pleasure to visit tower hill barns again soon. 

fingers crossed all you lovely brides to be take me there 

bye for now


Rebecca x x 

Hydration baby !!!!!

hello ladies !!!!

thank you for taking the time to read blog numero 2 , here i will share all my tips and advice for getting the best out of your skin for the big day. 

The one thing in life i would like is brand new skin, imagine baby soft skin fully plump and hydrated well this is something we need to address before the big day a lot of people don’t realise how much time and investment you should put into the biggest organ of the human body. its all good booking me to do the make up but if your skin isn’t looked after you wont get the most out of your make up.  

the most important things are ;

Beauty sleep    

drinking 2-3 litres of water per day 

and a good skin care routine

plus vitamin  C, A & D

i know this is all general knowledge but i would defiantly focus on this from the day he puts a ring on it. 

i decided to treat my skin to a facial at the wk end i was so excited to feed my skin some well deserved goodness , I have a 7 month old baby and he is still up 3 times a night feeding. so my skin is not getting a full night of the wonderful beauty sleep. I got to the salon and filled out a consultation form. I had booked in for a hydra facial which helps to detoxify the skin, remove dead skin sells , extract any debris and provide long lasting hydration it sounds like the answer to me wanting brand new skin. winner winner !!!! well actually NO stop right there, i was asked if i was pregnant or breastfeeding and yes i am breastfeeding my little one hence the 3 feeds through the night, who would of thought i couldn’t look after my skin while bf , after my beautician double checked the situation she offered me a different facial which was harmless to me and my baby i was pretty disappointed that i couldn’t be on the path to brand new skin but i guess the day will come when i can do it again. 

my harmless facial was very nice and my skin looked and felt amazing afterwards but it was no hydra facial , i must of looked at the hydra facial machine a dozen of times dreaming that one day we will meet.  I also treated myself to a spf 50 daily fluid cream it protects , prevents repairs and cares.

 Don’t forget your sunscreen kids !!!! 

A little bird also told me that moisturisers are a waste of time , every time we put that well needed moisturiser on its sending signals to the lovely youthful collagen down below that its ok up there and no need to help it out. how do we only just know about this i ask my self ?? 

everyones skin is different and what i do day to day might not suit your skin , get to know your skin and a little tip from me is mix up your skin care, every time i run out of a product i invest into a whole new brand and batch of ingredients so i stimulate my skin with the new ingredients. skin gets immune to ingredients so keep it on its toes i say. 

until next time 

love Rebecca x x  

easter bunnies / brides

Hello future brides to be or just fellow folk 

welcome to my first wedding blog , i thought why not have a natter to you all that pass my way.

This easter wk end has been beautiful,  filled with welsh remote locations and cheshire states, wild flowers in the hair and memories for life. 

the wedding season is stepping up a gear and i do love getting my wedding head on i always have lovely bridal parties especially if the is a coffee on offer to keep my energy levels high. it helps my work super fast. 

my first location was iscoyd park just outside wrexham i’ve been here before they have a in house florist which is handy hey. this was Racheal’s wedding it was a very last minute booking so i was happy i was free for her as she was so lovely it was my pleasure to be part of her morning , i was on just hair today 4 adults in total all hair was up, the brides hair was  central at the back with a flowing curl down her back to complement her dress design. The bridesmaids had a side focus textured bun very romanic and elegant. i always hang around until the end making sure the vail is in and secure and any last minute touch ups, its all in the service with a smile. 

New day and the next stop was to Pentre Mawr Country House Wedding Venue i’ve never been here before and it was a breath of welsh air the drive was nice accompanied with my beloved coffee from Starbucks , i am addicted to coffee on the go so when i passed a drive through Starbucks i heard my heart sing for joy , the simple things in life hey. i arrived and entered the secret garden where Heather was hiding away. The job is on!!!!!! 5 hair and make ups today topped with some beautiful dried fresh flowers in the hair and a chocolate doggy as the ring bearer ( i love dogs so its always a winner when one is at work ) the morning was a breeze , the kind people at pentre mawr even catered for me at breakfast time which was delicious when i managed to find 5 minutes to eat. Heather looked beautiful and her flower crown topped the spring meadows. Make up was kept to natural tones and a glow to the skin, finished with rose stained lips.

Walking away from a wedding job when you know everyone is about to celebrate till there heart is content is very satisfying. 

happy easter you chocolate bunnies !!!!!! 

love Rebecca x x 


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