My Most Loved Skin Care Products

My most loved beauty products & my resent skin care regime ❤️

Years ago I suffered with acne so I’ve had my fair share of skin focus, how ever I treated the acne with roactine but then realised that my contraception ( copper coil ) was not agreeing with my skin and that was to blaime so I took that out and my skin cleared up so I stopped the medication. Being in the beauty industry I’ve always been focused on skin so here are some of my old favs and current favs, i hope you enjoy reading and i hope i have inspired you and your skin to shine.

As much as I love make up and applying it I would rather walk round with clean hydrated skin so I guess skin care is my make up. I think we all enjoy washing the day away and popping on some cucumber slices with are feet up !!! Ha ha o I can only dream running around after a toddler and the daily run of a family home and running my own business is hectic and none stop and those cucumber slices are properly more likely to end up dunked in hummus and in my sons tummy or smuggled to the dog by my son, my eyes can wave good bye to those cucumber slices.

One of my secret weapons has to be a sudocreme face mask I do this about once a wk it seems to clear up any imperfections I have. I am using just enough so it soaks Into my skin, kind of like a leave on mask, I am not walking round the house like a big white moon face, I just want to put it on and forget about it. The zinc oxide works wonders for repairing the skin so next time your changing your babies bum treat your face to a luxurious spa like face mask 😉

Next up has to be caster oil if you want to grow those brows before your big day it is totally possible, rub on some organic caster oil every night before bed you can also rub it into your lashes and around your eyes. Caster oil helps stimulate the hair growth and it even helps your eyes to de puff in the morning. Repubzal i hear you say…

The cleaner I am using right now is from Aesop this is my first experience with this brand and I am loving it. I am a sucker for skin care marketing and those brown medical like bottles just do it for me. I am using the cleaning non foaming gel ‘fabulous facial cleanser’ it’s calming ingredients are not going to stripe my natural oils. It’s good for all skin types. I like to wash my face with a Muslim cloth I feel I get it the cleanest that way , They say to wash your face twice just like your hair one pre clean and then a re clean.

After I’ve washed I then use the pixie glow tonic to soften any dead skin cells and keep my skin smooth and fresh , I’ve mentioned this product before in a Instagram post its a great product in my kit and in my bathroom. i would defiantly recommend this to all brides to be wanting to get there skin surface smooth.

i am at the very end of my new fav night oil its got a wonderful name ‘luna’ by sunday riley its a deep blue indigo colour so be sure to rub it in properly as we don’t want a blue face. its lasted me a couple of months which isn’t that good as its not the cheapest (£45 for 15mls) i defiantly saw a difference once i started to use this oil , my skin looked fresh and had a youthful glow about it. its rich with retinol which is the bees knees for anti ageing don’t ya know. i will be investing into more of the sunday riley products for sure.

my last favourite for now is the nuxe lip balm, being a make up artist and having to look after models and brides for the last 10 years it brings me great pleasure in suppling the BEST lip balm to all those lips that cross my path. i think i have found it. its award winning ingredients leave your lips hydrated and supple for hours and i mean hours , its not a one hit wonder baby trust me i am a make up artist.

links to all my favs are below

thank you for taking the time to read my blog , until next time

Rebecca 💋

Links :

night oil

lip balm


glow tonic

caster oil


You May Kiss the Bride !

‘ You may kiss the bride ‘ 💋

Lipstick is one of the main top up products you will need for your wedding day , so which lipstick is the chosen one , it’s a big decision we have all stood at a lipstick stand and tried on about a million and we still can’t see any difference. The more we try the more we wipe which brings more blood to the surface of the lip which doesn’t help when trying to pick that perfect colour. So let me help you and point you in the direction of what I recommend to my brides.

I will give you a varied price range to meet all budgets.

  • Luxury ladies !!!
It can only be Tom ford in my eyes ,this is for your splurging princess who doesn’t care because it’s her day , the luxury that will pass your partners lips can only be a winner in my make up eyes.

The colours I would advice is open kimono , Spanish pink or sable smoke
Cost £40

They also do a new duo set which includes a lip liner and lipstick which may be worth the money these are also £40

I think the colour ‘public display’ is perfect

If your a red lip kinda lady then it has to be scarlet leather in a satin matte texture.

Splash out it’s your wedding day or get someone to splash out for you.

  • Next up is one that could become your stable favourite year round , pop it on your birthday list and kiss each year by with
Charlotte tilbury

Pillow talk , it’s got a retro matte finish which will last , you can team this up with pillow talk pencil for the perfect match.

It’s won many awards and only deserves to be part of your big day.

Cost £24 per item

  • Treat your self to a cult classic
Mac lipstick patisserie it’s got a perfect sheen and not to over powering in colour it’s always a winner in my kit. Viva glam 2 is also a good go to and when you purchase a viva glam lipstick it goes to charity so it’s guilt free in my eyes.

Cost £14.50/ £15

  • 2-4-1 you say ? Yes why not get a Lip and cheek stain so you get more for your money with a multi use product, body shop do a great one here are some options depending on your skin tone and desired look.
Dusty rose & deep berry are lovely

  • Want to watch those pennies
Around the £5 mark - we all need one of those

Elf in ‘bare kiss’ is perfect for that vegan & cruelty free option and it’s cheap and does the job for only £3

Nyx offer lots of options one of my favourites is Abu Dhabi that’s priced around £6-£7

  • Balm it up Because that’s all you need sometimes!!
Burst bees wax tinted balm is perfect for that sheer tint to the lip while also keeping your lip hydrated ready to kiss your new husband.

So there you have it a few recommendations from me to you. So don’t forget your lipstick for topping up through out the day and I would also recommend getting a powder to touch up any shine and maybe a tissue for wiping away those tears of joy. 💋🙏💕 Links below x x

Charlotte Tilbury lipsticks

Tom ford lips

tinted lip balm


elf kiss balm

mac patisserie

body shop lip & cheek tint

Its Trial Time !!!

Let’s blog !!

Hey hey

Thank you for taking the time to visit my site and read what I have to say.

Today i am going to talk about wedding trials

All the info I have and share it with you all

Who wants to spend more money then they have to with more then one trial with many different artists …no one does. We all know weddings are costly.

The trial is for both of us I need to see how your hair handles and also how your features take to make up. You will want to see my style and see if you still feel like your self which is most important in my eyes and experience. I hear a lot that your future husbands are not big on make up and lashes but us ladies are , so it’s finding that balance of feeling like yourself but looking a million dollars, pounds or even euros 😉

I think in all my years of doing weddings (about 10 years yikes) I have only had a couple of brides that have not gone ahead with my services which in my eyes are not a lot considering how many brides I have done in all the years.

Who needs a trial you ask ?

Well who ever feels the need… mother of the brides sometimes appreciate a trial just because they know their style and normally they have never had someone do their make up and it may be strange for them, also they might of gone to the same hairdresser for the last 10 years and then someone new touches their hair it’s good to have a practice run in that respect. Even if mums just watch me at the bridal trial they can learn to trust me and my skill knowing they will be happy on the day.

If the whole bridal party want to make a day of it and have a pamper day then that’s also possible. 1 Maid can try out a hair style the other a make up look and of course the bride can have her special time as well. It always makes me happy if you sync the date with a social event and get use of my skills. 😉

Sometimes a bride won’t even have a trial !! Shock horror I know but if they are 100% confident in my skill and trust I can make them happy then I will agree to no trial I do ask for them to read and agree on my t&c’s. This only normally happens if the bride lives too far away and if it’s a very late booking and not much time to fit one in.

It’s important to get a trail date booked in sooner rather then later as my diary does get fully booked up in advance. So I would hate to disappoint.

How to prepare for a trial …….

-I ask my brides to wear a white top to help reflect light as would the wedding dress.
-start collecting images of styles you like , obviously Pinterest is great for this and we can talk over these on the trial.
-you can show me pictures of you with make up on which help me see your boundaries.
-you can also show me your make up bag if you wish.
-and I will ask you a few questions which will help me figure what’s best for you. Don’t worry if you don’t know the answer as that also helps me if you know what I mean.

-clean make up free skin

-clean , product free hair. if your hair is really curly and you want to keep the curl just have it as natural as possible. 1-2 day old hair is best for up do’s but if it gets really greasy quickly then just come with it clean and dry and I can work my magic.

So sit back, relax , let me tickle your face with my brushes and teases your hair into that perfect hair style you had always dreamt of.

You can call me Rebecca , Becky or even Blou i answer to most things , we will have a brew and even a cheeky biccy or 2 , I shall look forward to meeting you.

Lots of love
Rebecca 💋

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