I want to let you know whats about to be on offer at my new and exciting location. It’s a place for my brides to visit for there trial , this space is dedicated to you and your tribe. You can come on your own or bring your bride tribe for the day and enjoy the experience in a beautiful setting. Your whole wedding party might not fit inside my hidden gem so maybe just you your mum and your maid of honer. I will offer a mini afternoon tea and fizz for a luxury trial which will be longer then the standard trial . I want the bride to enjoy her trial in a setting that’s not your kitchen or mine, Something that has a elegant touch to it so it can help you visualise your wedding day look.

•Standard trial 

Hair or make up £55 

Hair and make up £75 

•Talk over some images 

•Decide on a look and deliver the look 

•Amend where needed to meet your desire 

•Option to try on hair accessories 

•Complete trial 

•light refreshments offered

A standard trial on average takes 2 hrs for hair and make up and 1 hr for just hair or make up

•Luxury solo trial 

bride only, but welcome to bring someone along

Hair or make up £100 

Hair and makeup £150 ( the day is dedicated to you )

•Talk over images 

•Decide on a couple of looks to try 

•I will complete 2 different looks on you   hair / make up 

•Option to try on hair accessories / short vails 

•Fizz / refreshments

•Mini Afternoon tea 

A luxury trial can take anything between 3- 6hrs depending on what’s done. 

•The tribe trial 

This is a day out for you, your mum and your maid of honer or just you and your 2 besties !!! Make a day of it and go somewhere after to use the hair / make up. 

You will all receive a trial and you can all enjoy light refreshments and snacks while you wait, you will also have the option to try and buy hair accessories. 

If all 3 have hair and makeup £250 (all day )

Hair or make up for 3 people £180 (3-4 hrs )

Now I hope you like what you hear and decide to come visit me , I would love to meet you and get started on your wedding day vision. I am based in wrexham , just 1 hour from Manchester and 50 minutes from Liverpool it’s really not that far for the service you will receive. 😊 

Drop me a email if you have any questions , once up and running these prices are subject to change. 

Love Rebecca x x 

fav foundations

hello !!!!!!!!

I would say foundation is something very personal and also how you want to see your skin look on your big day. I always like to know what my brides use for there foundation , over the years I have come across a lot of different foundations, BB creams , tinted moisturisers brands and I have my favourites as do you. I will always use your base if it’s something you love. What you have to remember is when you apply your base it will look different to how I apply it due to what brushes I use and my attention to detail. You can always ask for more or less after your trial , it’s only make up and that’s the whole point of a trial to adjust it to your personal preferences. 

What you will find In my kit ……….

Nars sheer glow - it’s not sheer that’s for sure I would say it’s medium to full depending on application but it’s got a glow and it’s a nice finish , looks like you have make up on but will see you into the night while dancing with your bride tribe or  groom 😜 

Charlotte Tilbury light wonder  - this is a lighter coverage and it has more of a glow then nars sheer glow , I really like this because Its not too heavy and it looks expensive. 

Mac - studio fix this is one that will cover all and last all night for that bride who likes a full coverage. 

Mac face and body - this is water based and I love to use this on the mother of the bride , it’s light and give you a glow just enough for a mum , for brides who don’t want a lot I would also use this but mixed with a concealer for extra stability and lasting power.

Nars tinted moisturiser , it’s got good coverage for a tinted moisturiser so in some cases this is plenty 

L’Oréal true match - this is a good all rounder I know it’s only ‘drug store’ but it’s actually really nice and expensive looking , it’s very similar to Armani which is very popular so I like to have this in my kit and the colour range is great. 

Laura Mercier photo finish foundation. - this is new to my kit and I think it’s going to be a firm fav it’s luxary and the right amount of coverage in my eyes. It’s got a lovely glow and seems to stay well . I am just learning about the colours and once I get my head around them I will buy some more.

Illasmasqua skin base - this is medium buildable coverage. its got a natural finish to it and will conceal your imperfections and give you a smooth overall look.  

I probably have a few more hidden in there but these are my most used. That’s just foundations , concealers are a whole other world. 

It takes time to learn about the colours of a new foundation brand , some have pink undertones and some have yellow so it’s good to see what you use most and what colours are your favourite and then get a few and mix them to find the best match for each client . I tend to use 2-3 colours on one face , I believe we are not one colour across are face so I like to make your skin look as natural as possible by mixing a few colours . 

On your trial I may try a foundation and feel like on your wedding day you may benefit from a different one and by all means if you don’t like the look of your foundation just say , it’s only make up and can easily be changed on the wedding day. 

Ask your self how you like to see your skin look 

Do you like a glow across your skin  ? 

Do you like a matte finish ? 

Do you like to see your fresckles ( if your lucky enough to have any that is ) 

Do you like a full coverage ? 

Do you like to not see much make up but know you have something on to even out your skin tone? 

Do you touch your face a lot ? 

Do you get sweaty ? 

I can ask a million questions and a lot of the time brides don’t know the answers but if you have any specific make up habits just tell me and I can learn how you like to see your self . 😊 

Before your foundation I will always prep your skin, have a look and feel and do what I think will help your make up stay in place . I like to use a organic natural moisturiser and then a primer. Lip scrub if needed and always a lip balm. The is Something you can do before the big day and that is to look after your skin , make sure you have a good skin care routine in place and drink plenty of water it really does make a difference to your skin type. A good diet and exercise can also have a massive effect on are skin. 

I hope you got a little insight into what you might find if you book me for your wedding day/trial. 

Until next time !!! 

Love Rebecca X X 

mum’s the word


So over all the years I tend to see a pattern , mums are a little bit coy with getting there hair and makeup done on the big day. They have normally had the same hairdresser for the last 15 years and have never once had someone else do there make up , it evens sounds scary to me typing this but I LOVE to do a mum on a trial and totally win her over !!!! It brings me so much joy to show them that I listen to there requirements and make them feel special and still them self’s which is the most important thing. No mum wants to feel too done up and uncomfortable on her daughter’s wedding day. Over the years I tend to have a little raydar and I only have to chat to some one for a minute to realise there make up limits . 

I’ve attached some pictures of previous mother of the brides I have had the pleasure of doing and you can see for your self and be sure to send the link of this blog to your mum or mother in law to be and she can see for her self and build a bit of confidence with it all before the big day or the trial at least. 

This is also a good chance for them to see them self’s done up in a fresh new way and maybe learn a tip or 2 and refresh there make up bags with what products I use. 

Another little tip is for them to bring along there staple lipstick ( if they have one ) and then they can feel like them self’s that bit more. 

so all i can say is for your mum to have faith in me, i will make her look like her but on a bloody good day. 

thanks for reading and be sure to share it with the main women in your life. thats your mum to me and you. 

love Rebecca xx 

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