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So over all the years I tend to see a pattern , mums are a little bit coy with getting there hair and makeup done on the big day. They have normally had the same hairdresser for the last 15 years and have never once had someone else do there make up , it evens sounds scary to me typing this but I LOVE to do a mum on a trial and totally win her over !!!! It brings me so much joy to show them that I listen to there requirements and make them feel special and still them self’s which is the most important thing. No mum wants to feel too done up and uncomfortable on her daughter’s wedding day. Over the years I tend to have a little raydar and I only have to chat to some one for a minute to realise there make up limits . 

I’ve attached some pictures of previous mother of the brides I have had the pleasure of doing and you can see for your self and be sure to send the link of this blog to your mum or mother in law to be and she can see for her self and build a bit of confidence with it all before the big day or the trial at least. 

This is also a good chance for them to see them self’s done up in a fresh new way and maybe learn a tip or 2 and refresh there make up bags with what products I use. 

Another little tip is for them to bring along there staple lipstick ( if they have one ) and then they can feel like them self’s that bit more. 

so all i can say is for your mum to have faith in me, i will make her look like her but on a bloody good day. 

thanks for reading and be sure to share it with the main women in your life. thats your mum to me and you. 

love Rebecca xx 

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Hair Queens!!!!!

  • Hair queens !!!

My aim for this blog is to help you with your wedding day hair style and hair accessories options

I love doing bridal hair because I love to create with my hands, seeing a creation come together gives me joy , I am a little bit of a perfectionist which can leave me hanging on to your hair moments before you walk down the aisle. I promise I will let go before you say I do. 😉

For 2019 I predict hair up will out shadow the half up half down creation we have all been obsessed over, it does tick a lot of boxes and does look dreamy when paired with the perfect hair accessory. But this coming year it could be time for the modern updo !

I love looking through Pinterest for inspiration and on Instagram the Russian hairdressers create some crazy but very talented creations. I tend to take bits from all and make my own designs.

All hair types will work differently so you have to take that into consideration when looking as inspiration , just like make up and different eye shapes. I will create what suits you and your hair best.

I find if you have your hair coloured you need to make sure the colour highlight / lowlights run underneath as it can sometimes look dull if not coloured like the top section, I find my past brides have just added some colour to these sections before the big day. It helps complete your desired look. Just don’t get your hair coloured the day before as it will be way to soft to work with. I would recommend a wk before and it should of been washed a couple of times since before the wedding day.

I will always prep the hair and section to help create a sturdy long lasting up do. I often get emails saying it lasted all day and night and even into the next day. I also feel up-dos can be quicker to do then half up half down so if your short of time on the wedding morning maybe suggest a up-do for your bridesmaids.

I have recently been sent some lovely bridal hair accessories from the


They are very handy to have in my kit, when brides have there hair trial with me they can try them on when there hair is in place and it can help give them an idea on what to go with. wedding fairy and friends have lots to choice from and she will even visit you home for a little home shopping experience. she is located in the north west so you won’t have to order anything from China and wait months for delivery. She is reasonably priced as well.

Support your local girl gang!!

I’ve attached some inspiration styles i found on pintrest I feel will shine next year I hope it gives you some inspiration for your big day.

Any questions on your hair trial just drop me a email.

Above are some hair up inspiration pictures and below some hair accessories I came across and love.

Here is a link for some wedding accessories

wedding fairy and friends

my Top 5 wedding Instagram Profiles

Hello I am sorry it’s been a couple of wks I do like to try and blog wkly but sometimes life just goes by and before you know it it’s been a few wks. Also I like to be passionate about what I blog about so I have to wait for the inspiration to hit me and then it just flows. This blogging game is serious business.

This blog is all about……..

My top 5 wedding Instagram profiles

We are all looking for inspiration, recommendations and the best advice so I thought I would rustle up my top 5 Instagram sites that could help a bride out in the run up to her big day. Let’s start with the one thing we all dream about the dress !!!!!!!

@bertabridal @berta

This has to be my dream account for all things DRESSES they are so beautiful, elegant & a little bit sexy In so many ways, we can make the other half desire us some more hey 😉 I think they cover a lot of styles to suit all. And even if you can’t afford the price tag you can definitely get some serious inspo from them.

It was created by a Israel designer and is now located in nyc as well as Israel , you can find supplies in the uk easy enough.


This is where I dream about being a florist and working with such beautiful nature everyday ,then I come off Instagram and realise I am not a florist creating flower art to lovely people in the sunshine of Byron bay. This is ultimate flower display inspo at its best. This company is located in Australia so don’t get ya uk hopes up that they will dress your wedding , sorry !!! But you can defo get ya inspiration from them. I don’t know if you guys have noticed but pampas grass is massive right now I love it so much I might even try and grow it in my garden.


Lauren is a bride to be who lives in London and is letting you follow her wedding journey I love her variety of posts and inspiration , she would definitely help me if I was on the wedding path.


‘How to I do ‘are a great Source for the new bride to be , they have your back in all departments so I guess you would say they are a free wedding planner , that sounds pretty good to me.

It’s ran by 2 women, Clare and Rachael and they are doing a pretty awesome job having only stared the business up recently.

They are focusing on the north west of England so if your a northern lass be sure to let them guide you.


This one is a house focus but you all need a new project when the wedding is over and the one thing that keeps us busy is keeping on top of that dream home. I think her name should be ‘bob the builder ‘ as she does pretty much it all her self. Very impressive and inspirational , I have been known to re paint a room while my baby has his afternoon nap but I am no Chelsea. Also check out her pre wedding shoot it’s all to die for , that dress and mountain top has inspired me to do a shoot in the wild.

I hope I have pointed you in some kind of right direction towards the day of dreams and if not then just enjoy the lovely images .

I have a couple of collaboration blogs coming soon so make sure you check them out

Love Rebecca 💋

Berta bridal
how to I do

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