My Working Life Balance

My working life 

Well this wk’s blog is all about how I manage my ‘working’ life and the balance of running a family home and running my own business. Both are just as busy as the other maybe the family home more so because I am constantly picking up odd socks off the floor between my partner my baby boy and a chocolate Labrador who LOVES to eat smelly boy socks they keep me busy. ( we Also have 2 cats and 3 chickens ) 🤦🏻‍♀️

Before I had the baby I used to work 6 days a wk with out even thinking about having a day off , I worked right up to having the baby I think I had about 7 days off before he arrived as he was early,  but weddings used to BREAK my body when I was pregnant I didn’t realise how much energy i used to stand there and intensely focus on making a bridal party perfect. I used to go home with sciatica and was unable to walk that day. Anyway fast forward 1 year and I am back to business but now i choice to not work 6 days a wk as I want to be there for my baby and watch him grow but since becoming a mother I now want my business to thrive so I can enjoy a good balanced life with my baby and be a successful working mum even though all mums are successful working mums in there own right!!!!! I have always had a great work ethic and even more so now. my time is precious and so is yours but the most important thing we can give are selfs is time , time to enjoy life as well as work play, learn & love. I love my work so to me it’s not work , some nights I am coming back from working in Manchester on a shoot for a clothing brand and then I will put the baby to bed as I am still breastfeeding then either one of us will cook tea but I prefer to do it as I Keep the kitchen tidy as I cook , and then I will go on my computer and catch up with my bridal business either replying to brides / prepping my blog or working on some social media content. Before you know it it’s time for that ritual skin care routine and I like to read or meditate before I sleep to wind down and detach from this technical world we live in. I tend to work in Manchester a few times a wk, I will also do wedding trials in the wk or wk end and then most Saturdays I will do a wedding.  I would say I now work 3 1/2 - 4 days a wk which I am finding it’s great as I still love to be busy with my business and I also get time with my family. We get to go swimming , play dates and just enjoy life together. 

Another change I am making is to offer a base close to me for my wedding trials because I found my self driving A lot and I have been freelance for over 10 years so A base to just express my talent will be a pleasure. I will still happily drive to brides for a trial but I will also offer my location (still trying to find the right space ) I know the universe will deliver at the right time 😊 I believe in all that magic 😉

How to balance business and baby ??? me and my partner are both self employed so we can take control of are working days and wks , Phoenix goes to nursery twice a wk and his dad stays at home on a Monday and he doesn’t work wk ends which benefit in my favour. It’s a good 50/50 balance on both behalf’s - trying to keep the business going day 2 day and also look after a toddler can be a challenge as all are work is done via that device we call a mobile telephone. Not missing calls , checking your emails , keeping on top of social media can take a lot of focus and I don’t want my baby to see me on the phone all the time so when he has his big 2 hour sleep in the afternoon I tend to catch up on all my admin as well as stick a broom up my bum and clean the kitchen floor. 😜

Since having the baby I am a bit obsessed with cleaning , or maybe I am just growing up and realise it’s essential to keep on top of a busy house hold , I could always get a cleaner but doesn’t everyone clean up for the cleaner to arrive 🤷🏻‍♀️

I love to cook fresh so I am always batch cooking for the baby so I have meals in the freezer for him which can make life easy for my self. I don’t really get time for the gym any more as I kinda feel guilty leaving the baby (unless it’s at night after he’s gone down ) which is insane but that’s just how I feel about it, maybe it’s because I am still breast feeding??? so Instead I either take the baby swimming or we go on a family walk ( do I need to explain that the dog is a family member?? Surly not ? ) 

Ruby the chocolate lab was my first baby and she is such a softy. she does get kinda jealous that my attention is on the baby but she shows it in a way of ‘ love me !!! Hug me !!! ‘ and not towards the baby , they are slowly becoming best of pals I think the food drop Phoenix delivers has helps enormously, the other day Phoenix went into Ruby’s bowl when she was eating and she didn’t do anything she just let him take her food which is amazing  in my eyes , she must of thought ‘ well you share your food with me it’s only fair to return the favour’ I could go on all day about my dog and baby so maybe I shall  leave that for another blog. 

As I finish this blog I am baby free and work free which doesn’t ever happen but I am having to leave the baby with his dad and go visit my friend alone as he hasn’t been well so I thought it was best for him to stay at home while I go to the big smoke for the wk end , it was a hard decision as I wanted him with me (selfish reasons )and I am going to have a pump attached to my boobs the whole time but sometimes you just got to be strong and now I can have some me time with my best friend and her baby. I guess it will recharge me!!! 

Thanks for reading and if you know of any brides to be who fancy reading what I have to say or you don’t even have to be a ‘bride to be’ , just a human will do, then send them my way. 

Love Rebecca 💋

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