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So over all the years I tend to see a pattern , mums are a little bit coy with getting there hair and makeup done on the big day. They have normally had the same hairdresser for the last 15 years and have never once had someone else do there make up , it evens sounds scary to me typing this but I LOVE to do a mum on a trial and totally win her over !!!! It brings me so much joy to show them that I listen to there requirements and make them feel special and still them self’s which is the most important thing. No mum wants to feel too done up and uncomfortable on her daughter’s wedding day. Over the years I tend to have a little raydar and I only have to chat to some one for a minute to realise there make up limits . 

I’ve attached some pictures of previous mother of the brides I have had the pleasure of doing and you can see for your self and be sure to send the link of this blog to your mum or mother in law to be and she can see for her self and build a bit of confidence with it all before the big day or the trial at least. 

This is also a good chance for them to see them self’s done up in a fresh new way and maybe learn a tip or 2 and refresh there make up bags with what products I use. 

Another little tip is for them to bring along there staple lipstick ( if they have one ) and then they can feel like them self’s that bit more. 

so all i can say is for your mum to have faith in me, i will make her look like her but on a bloody good day. 

thanks for reading and be sure to share it with the main women in your life. thats your mum to me and you. 

love Rebecca xx 

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