wedding day skin

It must be on every bride’s mind… how to get perfect skin for your wedding day?

Here’s a few questions to ask yourself, 

Do you invest in your skin?

Do you know what skin type you have?

How many steps are in your skin care routine? 

Do you make as much effort in the morning as you do at night?

Are you aware of what ingredients you need to use to see results? 

One thing you have to ditch our face wipes these are no good neither is micellar water you need to use a cleanser that suits your skin type and cleanse morning and night (religiously) and double cleanse at night if you wear makeup and spf. NEVER SLEEP WITH IT ON!

Cleanser options

Oily skin - gel cleanser or a powder cleanser ( you mix it with water )

Normal, dry / dehydrated skin - oil balm or cream 

Sensitive skin -  milk cleanser or none scented products

Wash off with a muslin cloth to help get everything off ! replace you muslin with a clean one every other day!

Now i would then say to use a glow tonic or a acid toner to help exfoliate your skin and clean deeper into your pores. Acids are the modern day exfoliating products. sensitive skin may be best without acids and a gentle classic exfoliator. 

Twice a wk i would pop a mask on at this stage , I think it’s good use a couple of different masks to target different skin needs. I would go for a hydration mask on a morning at the weekend when you might have more time and a weekday evening mask to maybe target any imperfections or one for a lift and tighten. 

Next up you want to use a serum both am + pm this step in important and again have a couple of serums that do different thing and mix it up through the week as your skin desires. Vit c is great for the AM routine to help protect your skin through the day. This can be in your serum or in the next step. 

AM - next step is a moisturiser and then a spf!!!!!!!! factor 50 please!!!!!! 

PM - You could use a oil after your serum and then send yourself to sleep with a mini face massage or you could use a retinol ageing cream, finished off with a eye cream and some lip balm. 

And don’t forget to scrub your lips as required, my assistant india will on the wedding morning that’s for sure. 

All of this information is your standard day to day!! I would say to invest in a facial at a skin specialist every 4-6 weeks and plan to do these 6 months before the wedding now i know salons are not open atm (LOCKDOWN 0.3 ) and you may want to start if you are getting married in the summer so hopefully you could get a few in before the big day or you may not be getting married until 2022 so you should be fine. When finding a salon make sure they specialise in skin and your not just getting a relaxing facial you want to go and correct any issues or imperfections. I love luna at gresford, kirsty is amazing and my skin always feels good after a bespoke facial at Luna. Hydra facials are good for a deep clean i visit sara at pure perfection if i feel i need that type of treatment, you should see the junk that comes out of your skin!

If you wanted to invest in a home machine that would help with a lift and tone i would opt for nu face, It’s on my wish list! If you would rather go somewhere for a treatment I’ve always wanted to try face gym it looks amazing and it has a wedding package for a bride to be. it’s like taking your face for a work out, hell ya! 

When i first left school i trained in hair and beauty so my roots are skin care but make up was calling me in my early 20’s so i left beauty behind and took off with my hair and makeup career which i absolutely love and i can’t actually call it work. 20 years later i am still doing what i left school dreaming to do.

If you would like any help on purchasing a skin care routine or a serum to help target any issues i sell tropic products and i can highly recommend their whole range and advice you on what to use. Drop me an email and we can get going on clear bright skin for your wedding day. Or you can shop here  and feel free to ask me any advice. 

 A couple of last tips… 

Take a shot of apple cider vinegar everyday it helps with your gut and a healthy gut = good skin make sure it’s got extra mother in that’s the good stuff!!! I also recommend drinking a shot of collagen 10,000 mg minimum per shot. Not forgetting a good diet and exercise will also give you a healthy glow and no smoking!!!!

I hope you become one of my brides and we meet soon ! Thank you for taking the time to read this and please share with anyone wanting to invest in their skin. Have a great day. 

Love Rebecca x x 

Lockdown Love

Hello world 

We are currently in the 5th OR 6th wk of lockdown , who knows? it’s hard to even keep track of the days never mind wks, anyway i have been trying to keep myself work focused and not lose my drive, as its quite easily done while we have no work to attend. It really is a shame that a lot of my spring summer brides are having to postpone to a new date but at least they can enjoy the run up to their big day now. It has a knock on effect with all the tasting, planning and most important

  HEN-DO’S !!!!! 

I recently reached out to a local salon owner who i enjoy having facials with when i have a hour to my self (in none lockdown life). Kirsty owns ’ Luna ’ in Gresford its a beautiful , positive, moon spirited salon. Luna has the delilah cosmetics range its available to try and buy in store. I asked kirsty if i could have a play while in lockdown, We did a social distancing pass over and then i got to have a play. I knew i would fall in love with the products and i am a makeup junkie so it was only natural , but i am very fussy with how i want my make to look on my clients and i will definitely be buying some key pieces. 

If you live in the chester/wrexham area i suggest visiting the salon and trying these dreamy products. I highly recommend having facials while you are a bride to be to get your skin its best so again if you are local to gresford be sure to see what they have on offer at luna. I definitely need to get booked in when lockdown is lifted. 

key pieces i fell in love with and that are perfect for my brides  :

Farewell cream concealer stick - so easy to apply and seamless , i cant wait wait buy !

gel line eye + brow  - a perfect flick in the making 

blush ‘clementine - summer’s best friend 

colour intense lipstick ‘flirt’ perfect hendo colour 

colour intense lipstick ‘hush’ perfect mob lip colour 

colour intense lipstick ‘whisper’ for the ultimite nude tone

colour intense lipstick ’ grace’ pretty in pink bride to be 

brow shape gel - great size brush and just the right amount of product on the brush at one time. 

mirco fine translucent powder - a must have for my kit 

The cherry on the cake with delilah cosmetics brand 

  • Cruelty free 
  • Dermatologically tested 
  • Paraben free 
  • A uk company

thanks for reading , more blogs pending!!!!

Love Rebecca x x 

Bon Bon Bride

Hello ladies 

What a month it has been , i send my love to you all that visit this blog and i hope you are dealing with isolation well, i’ve had a lot of weddings postponed and a lot of new bookings which has kept me sane. I just never thought 2020 would turn out this way. 

I have also been a busy bee with my 2 business partners creating a brand for you lovely brides to be its  called Bon Bon Bride  Its a modern brand for all your wedding hair accessories , being in the wedding industry for over 10years  it felt right to create a brand to finish off what we love to create and that is bridal hair. So together we have sourced and hand made the most beautiful hair accessories. But the most exciting thing is we have a ‘hire it’ range so you can pay less but still look incredible. 

please visit the website and shop our contemporary chic bridal hair accessories.  

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